B E L L A   A R T E
"Bella" - fem. proper name, from Italian meaning "Beautiful, Fair" 

The Bella series explores the beauty, whimsy and color found within each woman. Each "Bella" painting portrays a unique expression of beauty, exploring and celebrating the diverse manifestations of "beauty."

Montoya draws inspiration from the personality and aura of her models, creating figurative works that come to life on canvas. Perky, primitive, simple, colorful, happy and pleasing are descriptive words that immediately come to mind when first looking at the Bella Series- Montoya’s name for work she says explores the beauty, whimsy and color found within each of her subjects. (She also calls them Bella).Yet the paintings are more than that. 

To comprehend, one must look deeply into Montoya’s psyche to understand why the Bellas are rendered so innocently. It is as Montoya’s own personal pain has enabled her to see through the masks, loss, and darkness we all carry. Instead of elevating that as many artists would, she intentionally chooses to celebrate our truest, earliest natures — Montoya heals, giving our lost innocence back to us.

Ana Montoya is the founder and owner of AnArte Gallery.
In addition, the gallery supports an array of local nonprofit charities, including CTRC. LLS, RESPITE CARE, THE SA FOOD BANK, AUGUST HEART, SSSA, BLUESTAR AND THE SAN ANTONIO ZOO.

For more information on the Bella series, please contact art dealer, Cristal Galvan, at 210-803-0059 or cristalgalvanarte@gmail.com. Bella paintings can be commissioned or viewed at AnArte Gallery in San Antonio, Texas. A gallery of past and available Bella paintings can be found under the gallery tab on this website.