B E L L A    A R T E
Ana Montoya’s Exhibition “Bella Bellas” to debut at Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe is pleased to host artist Ana Montoya with a colorful exhibition of her work entitled “Bella Bellas”. The exhibition opens Friday, August 8th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. There will be music by Antique Sunlight, sangria, light bites, and art. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Respite Care. 

“Bella” – fem. Proper name, from Italian meaning, “beautiful, fair”

The Bella Series explores the beauty, whimsy and color found within each woman. Each “Bella” painting portrays a unique expression of beauty, exploring and celebrating the diverse manifestations of “beauty”.

With energetic strokes of a paintbrush, a “fauvist” sensibility and application of brilliant colors, artist Ana Montoya breathes life into each Bella painting. Montoya draws inspiration from the personality and aura of the Bella sitting for the painting, creating a gorgeous oil composition as unique as the Bella it was created for. Other times, Montoya draws inspiration from beauty in friends and family, weaving together a singular piece destined for its match. Many times, a friend/mother/husband will happen upon a Bella that encompasses their beloved Bella and was simply meant to be!

“Bella Bellas” will be on view at Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe from August 8th through August 31st.

For additional information, please contact Cristal Galvan